Why Participate

  • To broaden one's foreign language skills
  • To experience life and culture in another country
  • To partake in dance programs that are culturally meaningful and relevant
  • To immerse oneself in intercultural exchange through academics and interpersonal connections
  • To learn language hands-on through dance
  • To combine travel, academics, and adventure into one incredible life-changing experience


ENJOY! Seeing another country and meeting people from around the world is an experience in itself. You will get the chance to learn the local culture through dance. You will eat new foods, see places of local interest, and enjoy the city or town as locals do. On the weekends there are excursions to expand your view beyond the classroom. Navigating a new place will lend you problem solving insights– all while having a good time. At least 95% of our students report that their experience abroad was educational, but also largely fun.


Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to combine classroom learning with real-life experience. Particularly in the dance program, you will get to apply language to your lessons and acquire language through active learning.  Expanding learning outside of the classroom gives participants the chance to connect with the culture in a meaningful and memorable way.