Program Overview

All dance programs fuse a Standard Group Language Study program with local dance classes offered either at the local NRCSA school or at a local dance studio. This unique combination offers exciting hands-on language and dance education, meaningful cultural immersion, and an enriching language program. All of the teachers for the dance lessons have professional experience as dancers as well as practice teaching.

The dance classes are an informational and enjoyable way to be immersed into a new culture. Dance is an art that is culturally specific, so by learning the common dances of a specific country, you open yourself up to the music, rhythm, and style that comprises the past and present culture. You will get to learn dance and language in an engaging and interactive way. Combining a dance program with language lessons allows you to apply the language that you learn in the classroom to fun, artistic expression.

Programs can last as short as one week and the types of dance offered are: Flamenco, Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Rumba, Tango, Greek dance, German dance, and basic Latin dances.